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Rens Holslag

‘Caradt’s practice-led research aims to empower artists and designers to make a meaningful contribution to society through their projects.’

Rens Holslag is project coordinator at Caradt and will retire effective November 2022

Rens graduated from the Industrial Design programme at TU Delft in 1984 with a study on Viditel. This was one of the first online information services, before the Internet. Since 1988, Rens has had an independent practice in designing user interfaces. He works with ergonomists, psychologists and programmers.  

Together with Jochen Vorderegger, Leonard Verhoef, Hans Rijpkema and Pieter Rookmaaker, Rens developed a European standard human-machine interface for train drivers within the European ERTMS railway safety system. In 1997 this project was awarded an honourable mention at the Dutch Design Awards. An important product was the interface for the touchscreen ticket machine for all train stations of the Dutch Railways. He also delivered an extensive research and advice for a project in which all Dutch art academies are compared in terms of ICT approach and competences. This was carried out for the Dutch HBO-Council and Consultation on the Visual Arts (OBK). 

Rens Holslag has been associated with the art education of St. Joost School of Art & Design since 1984. He held various positions, since the very first implementation of computers in art education. First as a teacher and later as an IT policy advisor. Since 2003, Rens has been affiliated with the professorships of St. Joost School of Art & Design. Initially as coordinator of the Visual Rhetoric research group. Since 2007 as project leader of the Expertise Centre for Art and Design (EKV). The expertise centre was radically renewed in 2019 and has since been operating under the name Caradt (Centre of Applied Research for Art Design and Technology). 

Rens initiated various publications in collaboration with others, such as: Roots 40: Jacques Peeters, [Z]oo productions Eindhoven, 2015, Konterfeiten & context, AKV|St.Joost, Twee eeuwen kunstvakopleiding, Avans University of Applied Sciences, 2012, Het verhaal van Delta Expo, Avans University of Applied Sciences, 2012, Bedrijfsboek in Beeld, Eindhoven, Lecturis bv Eindhoven, 2011.