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Liza Swaving

‘I am dedicated to give a voice to stories and perspectives that have not yet been heard.’

As program manager of the pilot Professional Doctorate in Arts + Creative, Liza helps develop a research community, and facilitate the development and organization of the program.

Liza holds a BA in Cultural Studies (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam) and a MA in Heritage Studies: Museum Curating (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), with a focus on postcolonial studies, contested heritage and film. Liza has worked for various institutions in the museum and in the educational sector, in which she focused on research, education, and heritage that touches on urgent socio-political themes such as identity, (world) citizenship, and global history.

For her work for various institutions in the museum sector, exhibitions that Liza has (co)curated include: Escher Meets Islamic Art (Tropenmuseum, 2013),  Sixties: A Worldwide Happening (Tropenmuseum, 2015), Cultural Threads (Textielmuseum, 2018) and Mijn Ritueel (Buurtsalon Tropenmuseum, 2019). Developing ways to work collaboratively across disciplinary and cultural borders has been a recurring thread in these projects, as well as increasing accessibility to culture and heritage.

After her work in the museum sector, Liza started working in art education. At KABK, she was responsible for developing the BA elective program (Individual Study Track). The focus of this program was on interdisciplinarity, artistic research, and exchange in the arts. It brought together students from various disciplines and challenged them to look beyond the boundaries of their own fields. This yielded fresh perspectives, insights, and collaborations that were essential for a dynamic art practice and discourse. Contributing to the growth of these students has been tremendously rewarding, and Liza is dedicated to continuing this at Caradt as program manager of the pilot Professional Doctorate in Arts + Creativearrow.

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