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Juliëtte Cuijpers

‘I support Caradt's mission to redefine the intersection of art, design, and technology by enhancing the synergy between administration and innovative research. ’

Juliëtte Cuijpers is a Management Assistant at Caradt, where she supports the impact of art, design, and technology research by enhancing the operational efficiency.

As a Management Assistant, Juliëtte is uniquely positioned to support and streamline research operations at Caradt. At Caradt, Juliëtte‘s role involves a blend of administrative and operational support, aimed at enhancing the research environment. She works closely with professors and researchers to ensure that administrative processes are aligned with the strategic goals of the research center. Her skills in project management, combined with her academic background, contribute significantly to Caradt’s mission to challenge and shape the future of art, design and technology through research.

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