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Eline Timmermans

‘To foster a culture of knowledge sharing and collaborative innovation at Caradt, I am dedicated to communicate findings and innovations effectively. ’

Eline Timmermans is a Communication Expert at Caradt, where she applies her background in New Media Design and online marketing to contribute to the innovative research in art, design, and technology taking place at Caradt. With a Master’s from Tilburg University, she is dedicated to enhancing (digital) communication about Caradt.

With a background in communication, new media design, and online marketing, Eline brings a multi-dimensional perspective to her role as Communication Expert for Caradt.

Eline obtained her Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design at Avans Hogeschool St. Joost in Breda. Her passion for media and communication led her to pursue further education at Tilburg University, where she completed a Premaster in Communication and Information Sciences, followed by a Master of Science in New Media Design. These achievements provided her with a solid foundation in digital communication, user experience design, and media innovation.

At Caradt, Eline focuses on developing and implementing communication strategies that convey the essence of Caradt’s research while also engaging a broader audience to participate in a dialogue about the future of art and design in a digital world. Her work involves collaborating with researchers to ensure that the findings and innovations developed at Caradt are communicated effectively, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaborative innovation.

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