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Anouk van Honk

‘I am committed to ensure the highest quality in research, helping art and design play a transformative role in society through rigorous and integrative approaches.’

Anouk Van Honk is a dedicated Quality Officer at Caradt, with a focus on enhancing research and processes in art, design, and technology. She skillfully balances strategic, tactical, and operational interests, transforming goals into actionable steps while maintaining a keen eye on quality and detail.

As Quality Officer at Caradt, Anouk her role is pivotal in overseeing and enhancing the quality of research processes, ensuring that Caradt’s objectives in integrating science within the realms of art, design, and technology are met with the highest standards.

Anouk’s ability to view situations from a macro perspective while being meticulous about details makes her an invaluable asset at Caradt. She translates objectives into executable steps, demonstrating the capability to navigate between the complexities of various stakeholder interests across strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

At Caradt, Anouk is committed to supporting research that challenges and innovates within the field of art, design, and technology. She works closely with the research groups focusing on ensuring that Caradt’s research is not only robust and scientifically sound but also integrative and reflective of the complex demands of contemporary society. Anouk aims to drive quality in research while also serving as a bridge between academia and practical application in art and design.

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