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Kimberley Rochat

‘My particular interest lies in sharing interesting and thought-provoking stories. Communication is a big part of that.’

Kimberley Rochat is a communications officer at the Avans Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology (Caradt)

Kimberley is a producer and Visual Storyteller who studied Illustrated and Animated Storytelling at St Joost Academy of Art and Design Breda. She also studied NIMA A Commnication at NCOI online learning. Currently, she is temporarily replacing Kris Vleugels as communication officer for Caradt. Kimberley oversees various websites of the expertise centre, executes different communicational strategies and maintains the social media output.

Besides this, Kimberley is currently working as a freelance producer and storyteller for various clients. She’s also working on a few independent projects, mainly an interactive Graphic novel about a girl living with a ghost roommate.

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