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The Self as a Relational Infrastructure in Process

Research Group: Cultural and Creative Industries

This research project is a practice-based enquiry into personhood and autonomy. 

This research project began with a literature study and practical experiments with performance art. Through this artistic research, questions around interpersonal relationships were brought into dialogue with current discussions about autonomy and personhood. The project began in 2016 with an extra-curricular performance working group of approximately 30 students and employees of Avans University of Applied Sciences.

In the second year of research, a range of performances, interviews, lectures and texts were created under the title What Happened. The findings were presented to an international group of art teachers at an ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) conference in London in 2017, and developing from this, presented again at the 2018 Society for Artistic Research conference, ‘Artistic Research Will Eat Itself’ held at Plymouth University.

Hoegen also performed her solo performance Ventriloquists III during the conference in Plymouth, and again at the conference DIS_SEMINAR by Art≈Research, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, in 2019. There the performance was followed by a discussion on the research, led by Sebastian Olma. The results of the research were incorporated into workshops for students: Fortress Undo at Studium Generale 2017, and the Many Machine at Studium Generale 2018.

In 2020 the project was completed with the publication ANOTHER VERSION: Thinking Through Performing, published by Onomatopeearrow, Eindhoven, in collaboration with Caradt and with a performance during Bâtard Festival 2020 in Brussels, through which the research findings have been shared with the professional field.

Completed research, 2016 – 2020. 

Principle investigator
Philippine Hoegen

Sebastian Olma

Avans University of Applied Sciences
Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdam

Master Institute of Visual Cultures: students of Situated Design, Visual Arts and Post Contemporary Practice, and Ecology Futures

Onomatopee Publishers, Eindhoven

Avans University of Applied Sciences

‘Performance is about engaging with versions of the self, stretching the gaze to see what others see when they look at you.’

Philippine Hoegen was a researcher within the Cultural and Creative Industries research group from 2016 until 2020. In that period, she also was a tutor at St. Joost School of Art & Design and the Master Institute of Visual Cultures. Currently Philippine works as an independent artist and researcher.

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Research Group: Cultural and Creative Industries

The research group Cultural and Creative Industries investigates the role of artists and designers as creative innovators and drivers of social and economic change. Affiliated researchers analyse the cultural and creative industries from a critical point of view and examine the conditions under which timely forms of aesthetic expression and social connectedness can actually take place within the precarious reality of this field. What economic models are required by artists and designers to create a meaningful practice within the aesthetic, social, and economic intentions of the cultural and creative industries? What skills sets are required for those artists and designers who don’t just want to follow movements, but actually shape novel social and economic models of the future?

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