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Joana Borges

‘In my point of view, the arts, teaching, research, creation, are all connected. It is all a matter of communication.’

Joana Borges works in Research Communication at the Avans Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology (Caradt). Simultaneously, she works in International Marketing and Communication for the St. Joost School of Arts & Design.

Born in Lisbon, Joana grew up surrounded by art and believes in connecting different worlds through culture. She completed a bachelor’s degree in Dance (as choreographer, teacher and performer) at Escola Superior de Dança, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa. She subsequently took the Masters in Communication Sciences (Communication and Arts variant) at the Faculdade de Ciências Socias e Humanas of Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Joana has experience in the cultural sector as an artist, and also in the sector’s realm of communication, both in Portugal and in The Netherlands. She has further experience in education and in developing creative projects. In Joana’s point of view, the arts, teaching, research, and creation, are all connected. After all, isn’t it all the same? It is all a matter of communication.

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