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Using Art & Design to Widen Our Perspective on the World: Caradt’s Workshops at Avans Day

Caradt’s recent participation in the annual ‘Avans-dag’ of the Avans University of Applied Sciencearrow highlighted the dynamic and critical role of art and design in contemporary discourse through two captivating workshops.

The main workshop hosted by Caradt, titled “Creativity and Critical Imagination: The Role of Art and Design in Our Time,” was led by researchers Rob Leijdekkers, Renée van Oploo, and Sebastian Olma. In this workshop, participants were invited to engage in a profound exploration of critical imagination.


Workshop Creativity and Critical Imagination

The workshop started with a small lecture that briefly took the participants through a part of the history of art to understand how critical perspectives can reshape our interaction with the world around us. This lecture was followed up with a series of interactive sessions. In these sessions, the participants where challenged to moved from individual reflections using ink and brush, to collective expressions with charcoal, and finally to broader societal influences captured with ecoline, embodying the transition from ‘I’ to ‘we.

Additionally, Caradt researcher Jenny van den Broeke also hosted the workshop “Dreaming of Stone: Transformative Power of Making” together with Noesjka Klomberg. In their workshop, they conducted a social experiment to construct a visionary ‘self-aware house of the future.’ This workshop underscored the potential of collaborative creation to address societal challenges.


These workshops showcased Caradt’s dedication to merging academic research with practical applications while also fostering a sustainable and ethical approach to art, design, and technology.

‘Our research group investigates the role artists, designers and cultural producers in general can play in developing the aesthetics and poetics of a desirable future.’

Sebastian Olma is professor Cultural and Creative Industries. He works for the Expertise Centre Art, Design and Technology.

Sebastian Olma arrow

‘As a result of my current research, I ask the students the questions “what is your work” and “what works for you.’

Rob Leijdekkers is a researcher at the Cultural and Creative Industries research group and a tutor at the Art & Research programme at St. Joost School of Art & Design. 

Rob Leijdekkers arrow

‘Within my practice I create spaces for introspection while exploring ethical dilemmas. ’

In 2017, I graduated from St. Joost in Den Bosch, and I hold a Master’s in Applied Ethics from Utrecht University. Presently, I work as an artist, am an active member of the YAFF art collective, and concurrently serve as a lecturer.

Renée van Oploo arrow

‘Imagination is the key to a strong inclusive society. Artistic work and situated design can contribute to a better understanding of the other.’

Jenny van den Broeke is a researcher within the Situated Art and Design research group, and a tutor on the Photography, Film & the Digital study programme at St. Joost school of Art & Design in Breda. In her own practice she works as a trainer, director, and producer of artistic projects that address social topics.


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