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PUNCH. X it is part of an ensemble at De Pont museum

Join us this Thursday evening at De Pont Museum for a collaboration between PUNCH and the artist collective “it is part of an ensemble”, including Culture and Creative Industries researcher Bas van den Hurk. This evening promises to reshape our engagement with art through interactive presentations and performances. Experience how art can challenge, enrich, and inspire our understanding of community, ecology, and the connections that define us.

PUNCH. X it is part of an ensemble

On March 21st, De Pont Museum transforms into an artistic and ecological exploration during the collaboration between PUNCH and the artist collective “it is part of an ensemblearrow“. From 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, De Pont will feature an interactive presentation that challenges us to reflect on ecology, relationships, and symbiosis, inspired by the words of feminist writer Adrienne Rich: “The problem was we didn’t know who we meant when we said ‘we’.”


The event poses critical questions about our collective identity and the connections between us and our surroundings, both socially and ecologically. Visitors can immerse themselves in a film installation that highlights non-human animals, plants, and lichens. Additionally, the senses will be tantalized with homemade vegan delicacies such as blue cheese, camembert, freshly baked bread, onion compote, and kombucha. The evening is further enriched with performative moments and a unique exploration of ‘sleeping sculptures’.


The artist collective “it is part of an ensemble”, including Cultural and Creative Industries researcher Bas van den Hurk, is known for its diversity and interdisciplinary approach. Their work explores the boundaries between visual art and theater, reflecting on our collective and individual identities.


Date: March 21st

Time: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location: De Pont Museum, Tilburg


Join this special evening at De Pont that promises to be an engaging mix of art and performance, made possible by PUNCHarrow and the Mondriaan Fondsarrow. Access to De Pont is free this Thursday evening, including entry to all other exhibitions. More information can be found on the website of De Pont Museumarrow.

PUNCH. X it is part of an ensemble
‘How do we live together, how do we work together? How do we give shape and form to ‘being together’ in the broadest sense?’

Bas van den Hurk is an artist, tutor and researcher. He studied Fine Art at Academy St. Joost in Breda and Philosophy of Aesthetics at the University of Amsterdam. Van den Hurk teaches contemporary theory, research and practice at St. Joost, and is a regular lecturer at different academies and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Research Group: Cultural and Creative Industries

The research group Cultural and Creative Industries investigates the role of artists and designers as creative innovators and drivers of social and economic change. Affiliated researchers analyse the cultural and creative industries from a critical point of view and examine the conditions under which timely forms of aesthetic expression and social connectedness can actually take place within the precarious reality of this field. What economic models are required by artists and designers to create a meaningful practice within the aesthetic, social, and economic intentions of the cultural and creative industries? What skills sets are required for those artists and designers who don’t just want to follow movements, but actually shape novel social and economic models of the future?

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