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Exhibition | ‘SOLO 38’ by it is part of an ensemble

Opening of SOLO 38 – the latest exhibition by the collective it is part of an ensemble


Exhibition opening: Sunday, Nov 5th at 17:00
Location: Club Soloarrow
Exhibition will run from Nov 5th to Dec 17th, 2023


The collective  it is part of an ensemblearrow from which researcher Bas van den Hurk is part of, will be opening it’s latest exhibition SOLO 38, this weekend at Club Solo, Breda.

For the presentation in Club Solo, it is part of an ensemble focuses on the topics of ‘kinship and symbiosis’. In 1973, the feminist writer Adrienne Rich said: ‘The problem was that we didn’t know who we meant when we said “we”.’ Her statement is a source of inspiration for the work period in Club Solo: who do we mean by ‘we’ in 2023?

Club Solo functions for six weeks as a studio, storage space, production space, rehearsal space, stage, presentation place, display and exhibition space. A theater piece and a collective solo presentation are being worked on. For the theater piece, materials from previous projects are reused, such as costumes, sets, props, characters, texts and sounds.

Club Solo is accessible during the work process during the usual opening hours. Public activities are organized at fixed times, such as a workshop, theater tryouts, a film screening and a collective lecture. The period ends with a performance. What this will look like will be determined during the six weeks.


About it is part of an ensemble

it is part of an ensemble has existed since 2018 and deals with questions such as: how do we live together, how do we work together and how do we shape this togetherness? This concerns the entire ecology of coexistence, including coexistence with non-human forms and the overlapping of coexistence and cooperation. Research into the rhizomatic life of lichens plays an important role in this.

The collective consists of artists, performers, dancers, actors, students and theorists. They experiment with scenographies at locations that gradually transform into collective, institutional, public and artistic spaces. The relationship between the ecological and the autonomous is always on edge in this process.


See SOLO 38 trailer

‘How do we live together, how do we work together? How do we give shape and form to ‘being together’ in the broadest sense?’

Bas van den Hurk is an artist, tutor and researcher. He studied Fine Art at Academy St. Joost in Breda and Philosophy of Aesthetics at the University of Amsterdam. Van den Hurk teaches contemporary theory, research and practice at St. Joost, and is a regular lecturer at different academies and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad.

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