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Artist talk | The Kaleidoscope and the Chameleon

Since January, our researcher Tara Karpinski from Situated Art and Design research group, has been giving several Artist Talks titled The Kaleidoscope and the Chameleon.

The Kaleidoscope and the Chameleon discusses three projects – originating in Sint-Petersburg, Beijing, and on the former Dutch island Urk. Presented as a triptych, they investigate how symbols are wielded politically and by whom – and how these can change hands and be used to turn the tables. These site-specific works critically investigate and unravel existing balances between different actors, and explore propaganda and subversive tactics as artistic means.

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20 January 2023 > VAV-moving image, Rietveld Academy

24 March 2023 > Transforming Practices, TU-Eindhoven

31 March 2023 > Master Digital Design, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

‘My practice is situated in between different actors, in this shape-shifting middle many things can happen.’

Tara Karpinski is a designer, researcher and educator working in the realm of social practice. She holds a BA in photography and art history from the Savannah College of Art & Design (USA), and an MA from the Sandberg Instituut (NL). Her Master studies were funded by a Netherland-America Foundation grant.

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Research Group: Situated Art and Design

Living in cities developed around data and acting within the inscrutable structure of our techno-society demands art and design that can help understand how we relate to these rapidly changing surroundings and to reflect on that relationship. The research group Situated Art and Design responds to this exigency by fostering a situated turn in art and design through a diverse portfolio of interdisciplinary research projects in partnership with academic and cultural partners, as well as with government and industry.

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