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Workshop at ELIA Biennal 2022

Between 23 and 26 November, researchers Hazal Ertürkan and Sarah Lugthart (of Caradt’s Situated Art and Design and Biobased Art and Design research group) presented a workshop at the ELIA Biennal programme in Helsinki, Finland.

Their workshop, ‘Miraculous Futures for Living Materials: Speculative Storytelling with Living Materials’ was part of A CLIMATE OF CHANGEarrow. It was very well received and highly praised.

The workshop aims to broaden biodesigners’ perspectives and to stimulate design ideation with living materials (such as bacteria- and algae-based materials). It uses speculative storytelling and recent research on designing with living materials, and builds on the Miraculous Futures card deck, a tool developed by Klasien van de Zandschulp and Ashley Baccus-Clark for creating speculative stories. A ‘living materials’ edition of this card deck was designed, drawing on the ‘Living Material Vocabulary’ developed by Ertürkan, Karana, and Mugge in 2021. The new card deck stimulates a conversation about possible futures for living with living materials: it helps participants understand what living materials are by introducing their qualities, and it also invites the imagination to speculate on radical futures in which living materials are integrated to the world. During the workshop, the card deck is used to spark ideas and to generate concepts. World-building exercises and templates help further expand these ideas. The workshop produces a speculative story (a scene or situation) that can take place in the world that is created.

Hazal Ertürkan + Sarah Lugthart, St. Joost School of Art & Design, TU Delft, Netherlands

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‘I’m interested in how we can implement situated learning within design education.’

Sarah Lugthart develops ethnographic methods to study immersive XR experiences and explores storytelling as a joint future-creation tool at Caradt. As a PhD candidate at the University of Porto, she blends theory and practice in immersive learning, contributing significantly to digital media and education.

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‘I am eager to explore how unique qualities of ‘living materials’ can transform the way we think, feel and act.’

Hazal Ertürkan is a researcher within the Caradt research group Biobased Art and Design. She also works as a design researcher and material designer at Delft University of Technology. Her current PhD project is collaboration between TU Delft and Avans Caradt.

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