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LIVING ARTEFACTS – Lars van Vianen, Future Nature

Scape Agency is a spatial innovation collective that dreams, discovers and designs the everyday of tomorrow. We use design thinking to blend emerging technologies with the marvels of nature, thus create brighter prospects for people and planet.

By exploring the language of nature, humanity has accumulated knowledge for the creation of our own artificial ecosystems. As we have developed our landscapes using technology and science, raw nature has started to feel a bit spooky. Many humans now believe that it is possible to rebalance our environment, and to future-proof our horizons, by blurring boundaries between the natural and artificial.

This presentation explores how design can naturalise technology in liveable- and living- scapes that spark imagination and inspire future generations!

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‘The dynamic relationship between humans and living artefacts will continue to evolve reciprocally with mutual care.’

Elvin Karana is Research Professor of Biobased Art and Design at the Avans and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, leading the research group Materializing Futures at TU/Delft. 

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