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LIVING ARTEFACTS – Teresa van Dongen, Designing with Nature

Teresa van Dongen’s light installations invite you to think about circularity, sustainability, nature and its scarce resources. In this presentation, van Dongen describes how she creates a bond between the installation and its user, and thereby activates people to think and to change. ‘The light installation needs care, in return it will give out light and energy. This creates a lasting bond between user and object, comparable to the process of nurturing a plant.’ Van Dongen also suggests an alternative to our current energy source: lighting which does not require a plug or power from the grid, which gives the user the choice to bypass the system we are currently stuck in.

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‘The dynamic relationship between humans and living artefacts will continue to evolve reciprocally with mutual care.’

Elvin Karana is Research Professor of Biobased Art and Design at the Avans and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, leading the research group Materializing Futures at TU/Delft. 

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