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Studium Generale – 19 Nov 2021 – Living Artefacts

On Friday, November 19, 2021, Caradt (Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design & Technology) will organize a Studium Generale with the theme Living Artefacts — What if our everyday artefacts were alive: could sense, grow, adapt, and eventually die? How would we live with them? How would we experience and attend to their livingness?

The program was developed by the Biobased Art and Design research group and includes lectures for students and teachers from ST JOOST School of Art & Design, the CMD study programs in Breda and Den Bosch and the Master Institute of Visual Cultures. The Studium Generale takes place at the locations of ST JOOST; Beukenlaan (Breda) en Parallelweg (Den Bosch). We cordially invite you to participate in this inspiring day. All lectures are given in English. The full program of speakers and themes can be found at:


Living Artifacts is an initiative of Caradt/Avans Hogeschool. Caradt is a collaboration between the academies “ST JOOST Art and Design”, “Communication & User Experience” (CMD, ACUE) and “Industry and Informatics” (CMD, AI&I).

Research Group: Biobased Art and Design

The research group Biobased Art and Design capitalises on the role of artistic practice in unlocking the unique potentials of living organisms for everyday materials and communicating these to a broader public. In doing so, the group aims to instigate and accelerate our widespread understanding, further development and usage of such materials. The group’s research approach encourages tangible interactions with the living organisms, such as algae, fungi, plants and bacteria, to explore and understand their unique qualities and constraints through diverse technical and creative methods taking artists, designers and scientists as equal and active partners in the material creation.

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