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re:MAKING SENSE #1 – Thur, 20 May

Together with Lesley-Ann Daly, Stephanie Gauttier and Imre Bárd Caradt researcher Michel Witter would like to invite you to the first session of the re:MAKING SENSE series. The inaugural session of the re:MAKING SENSE series will take stock of the state of the art in sensory augmentation.

This series of discussions aims to bring together the community of researchers, practitioners, artists and designers working on sensory augmentation. We seek to advance this interdisciplinary engagement in order to explore the plurality of perspectives on the modulation of human sensory and perceptual abilities. Discussing insights gained on the philosophical, ethical, creative, anthropological, scientific and technological aspects of research. Each session will include 4 short presentations from diverse perspectives, with ample time for discussion and the exchange of ideas for the remainder of the session.

In our first event, we ask what the most significant challenges are to the widespread use of these technologies, and where the field may be headed in the near future. Wherein lie the hurdles? Our scientific understanding of perception? Our technological capability to interface with the body? Conceptual quandaries around the nature of subjective experience? Public resistance to the notion of enhancement?


  • Marianna Obrist – Professor of Multisensory Interfaces at UCL
  • Scott Novich PhD – Co-founder and CTO of Neosensory Inc.
  • Liviu Babitz – Co-founder and CEO of CyborgNest Ltd.
  • 4th speaker tbc.

When: Thu, May 20, 2021 – 6:00pm-7:30pm CEST (Online event)

Registered attendees will receive an email with a link to the online event prior to it starting. Register nowarrow

Check out the re:MAKING SENSE website for more info and future events: www.remakingsense.comarrow

‘Investigating the potential of sensory augmentation to bridge the sensory gap between deaf and hearing.’

Michel Witter, with a foundation in computer science and digital art, integrates technology and art in education. As a tutor since 2002 at Communication & Multimedia Design program of Avans, he specializes in information design and accessibility. Currently, Michel is researching sensory augmentation for his PhD.

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