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Interview Martine Stig by the Mondriaan Fund on her project WeAlgo

The Mondriaan Fund published an interview with former Caradt researcher Martine Stig about her recent work WeAlgo. The online platform blends face recognition software with video-meetup spaces. It enables the user to customise a biometric self and meet with other biometric avatars online. On the screen a carnivalesque public playground unfolds, where alter Algos meet.

Would you like to know more about WeAlgo? You can read the complete interview with Martine on the websitearrow of the Mondriaan Fund. The article is written in Dutch.

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Art for Machines & Vertigo

The Art for Machines research focuses on the changes that the photographic image has undergone in the transition from analogue to digital and the consequences that this seemingly irrelevant transition has for the role of humans in image production. 

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‘Doing research connects my practice with teaching; it strengthens and brings them closer together.’

Martine Stig was a researcher within the Cultural and Creative Industries research group from 2016 until 2020. She is also a tutor at the Master Institute for Visual Cultures. She is co-founder of the practice and research-based art cooperative Radical Reversibility. 

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