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Michel van Dartel matchmaker Go Creative Industry

Professor Michel van Dartel is matchmaker for the program Go Creative Industryarrow (GoCI), in which CLICKNLarrow and Taskforce for Applied Research SIAarrow join forces to strengthen and accelerate innovation. As a matchmaker, Michel will connect the innovative power of the creative industry with the applied research of universities of applied sciences in order to increase their social and economic impact.

More information on the official launch of the GoCI program can be found here (in Dutch):
GoCI: innovatieversneller voor de creatieve industrie gelanceerd arrow The KIEM GoCI scheme is open, with a first pickup on 10 December: Submission round 2020-2021 – Regieorgaan SIA.arrow

‘People are the product of their relationships with their environment. It’s important to understand how technological developments influence these relationships.’

Michel van Dartel is Research Professor Situated Art and Design at the Avans Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology (Caradt) and Director of V2_Lab for the Unstable Media.

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