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Researcher Bart Stuart is participating in the ‘Solidarity Session # 3’

“As part of the research ‘Art and Culture in Brabant: Meaning and Possibility’, which is currently being carried out within the Cultural & Creative Industries research group, Caradt researcher Bart Stuart is participating in a public event about the cultural cuts in artfunding in Noord-Brabant. The research is still underway so in this “Solidarity Session # 3” we share what we have encountered so far. This puts us in the middle of the discussion and actively engages in conversation with the cultural field ”.

You can find more information on the public event on the website of the Platform BKarrow.

“Solidarity Sessions # 3” takes place on Wednesday the 4th of November, from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM and can be followed live on the YouTube channel of Platform BKarrow.


Art and Culture in Brabant: Meaning and Possibility

This research project is a direct response to the 2020 coalition agreement of CDA, VVD, FvD, and Lokaal Brabant in which the art and culture portfolio was abolished, and to the discussion that has arisen as a result.

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