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Publication as a Tool @ Zsenne Art Lab – Brussels

Philippine Hoegen of Caradt’s autonomy research group and Katrien and Julia Reist form research- and production platform arp:arrow are collaborating on the preparation of a publication. This publication will be both a tool within, and the culmination of, an ongoing research projectarrow into versions of the self, through performative research strategies. The publication will be published in 2020 by public gallery and publisher Onomatopeearrow, Eindhoven.

Publication Another Version

The main objective of the publication, with the working title Another Version, is to reflect the content and strategies that were developed throughout the research project, in the form of a workbook, that can be used by different practitioners in divers contexts. It will be a practical tool that offers scores and exercises applicable to any kind of research question, juxtaposed by short stories, images, reference texts and reports or reflections from past working sessions which give context and flesh to the practice proposal.

Residency @ZSenne artlab

During the residency at ZSenne art labarrow (21-26.10.2019) Philippine Hoegen and Katrien and Julia Reist will work on the publication by inviting guests and collaborators to discuss or try out the proposed methods.

Different cahiers

Another Version will consist of 6 Cahiers and a binding cover in the form of a folder or an envelope. Each cahier opens up a particular territory or lens, giving a context for performative research. The choice of subjects is based on aspects that kept surfacing during the past 4 years of collective practice and research.
For example Objectophil contains different forms of object orientation: making relationships with or through objects, the notion of transformative objects, non-anthropocentric approaches etc. Animalities is about looking at, or thinking of, animals as a technology of versioning, through the notion of extending the self with an animal identity, or applying animal strategies or gestures to an exploration.

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