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Call for Applications Dérive Berlin

Dérive Berlin is a 2 months residency awarded by Belius Foundation Berlin in collaboration with the Autonomy Research Chair at Caradt. In 2019, the award is granted for the period September-October to a student currently enrolled in Avans University’s St. Joost School of Art & Design, or in one of the Communication and Multimedia Design programmes. Dérive Berlin honours  excellent performance that – in the eyes of the selection committee – qualifies the candidate for the programme. Application deadline is 15 May 2019.


The name of the stipend is a reference to the famous artistic exploration strategy employed by the Situationists. La dérive stood for the strategy of drifting aimlessly through the city, subconsciously directed by its aesthetic contours as well as unexpected encounters, with the ultimate goal of making an entirely new and authentic experience. One of the key elements of la dérive was called the technique of ‘possible rendezvous’, which points to one of the crucial principles in the philosophy of Belius Foundation: Serendipity.

Consequently, while Derive Berlin grants awardees the greatest possible autonomy with regard to the artistic activities, we expect applicants to have demonstrable affinity with the aleatory nature of the urban experience, which can be seen in their work. Derive Berlin is intended as a residency allowing the artist or designer to immerse her/himself in the creative urban space of the German capital in order to generate new impulses for their artistic/aesthetic practice.


The awardee is expected to produce at least one new piece of work before the end of the residency period. Belius Foundation facilitates and supports the preparation and production of this work. The awardee presents the work during a self-organised Derive Finissage in Berlin reflecting the experiences made during the residency. After returning, the awardee organises a presentation of his/her work at their school or academy. After completion of the residency, the awardee becomes mentor of his/her successor. Previous residents were: Lavina Xausa, Imad Gebrayel, Eric Patel, Ada Favaron and Ningli Zhu.

Info & Requirements

Programme start: 1 September 2019
Duration: 2 months
Eligibility: students of AKV|St.Joost or CMD at Avans University of Applied Sciences


Travel costs (to a maximum of €250)
Accommodation in Berlin.
Introduction to Belius’ networks through a mentoring programme.
Workshop Access.
Monthly scholarship of €500 from Belius foundation.
Support in organizing Derive Finissage for the Belius Foundation.

Form of Application

CV & motivational letter to: caradt@avans.nlarrow
Application Deadline: 15.05.2019
Award Announcement: Before 31.05.2019

Requirements candidates

You are:
An advanced student of AKV|St.Joost or CMD at Avans University of Applied Sciences.
Willing and able to stay in Berlin for the full duration of two months.

You have:
An excellent academic performance record at your school or academy.
A clear vision on art & design in an urban context.
Proven ability to independently initiate and realise projects.
The capacity to make relevant connections within a new network and use them for your creative purposes.

Derive Berlin Residency & Spring School

Dérive Berlin Residency is a two month residency awarded twice a year by Belius Foundation Berlin in collaboration with the Cultural and Creative Industries chair at Caradt. 

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